OUR instructors

Alyssa Tomasella
Educational Director and Instructor, Introductory to Advanced Classes

Alyssa Tomasella fell in love with and started performing improvisational comedy over a decade ago in Rochester, NY. Since then she has studied the art of improv and sketch comedy from various theaters, including the Groundlings and Second City. She has performed on several longform and shortform teams, in various venues and festivals. She has produced, performed in and hosted dozens of shows. Alyssa started teaching improv in the Rochester area in 2014, and continued teaching classes and workshops, and coaching several improv teams in Pittsburgh since 2019. Her pedagogy reflects her love of and passion for improvisational theater and how it can change people’s lives both on and off stage. 

Fred Brown
Instructor, Intermediate to Advanced Classes

Fred Brown came up through the Philly improv scene and has been teaching, coaching, performing, and directing longform improv for over 10 years. He is a member of the long-standing Philly team The Future (now distributed across the country), who performed weekly for over 6 years and at various festivals around North America. He coaches the 412 Improv team NARSH! Fred earned his MFA in Devised Performance from the Pig Iron School at University of the Arts in Philadelphia, with training in movement, improvisation, mask-work, and clown. He works as a facilitator, trainer, and team coach, specializing in applied improvisation and collaboration skills.

Tyler Ray Kendrick
Instructor, Intermediate to Advanced Classes

What can be said about Tyler Ray Kendrick that hasn’t already been said about the Arby’s on McKnight Road? The last several years he has performed in all the major comedy markets in the US: New York City, Los Angeles, and Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. Mr. Tall, dark, and grandson himself. He’s a lover and a fighter. A lover of pho and a fighter for human rights. Just a real Gen X’er trapped in a millennial’s body. He was voted Best Comedian in 2022 & 2023 Pittsburgh Magazine’s Best of the Burgh’.

Ryan Nuzzo
Instructor, Intermediate to Advanced Classes

Ryan Nuzzo has over 8 years of experience in improv and sketch comedy including 5 years of teaching. He has coached 5 teams, two of which performed long-form musical improv, and he also serves as a musical improv accompanist. Trained at Steel City Improv Theater and Arcade Comedy Theater. He has performed in numerious comedy festivals, coached teams, and written and directed sketch shows. Ryan is also a musician with 20+ years of experience playing piano, guitar, electric bass, and drums. Professionally, he creates digital courses for elementary school teachers. In his free time, he enjoys watching YouTube, singing in the car, and playing video games poorly.

Scott Pettis
Instructor, Intermediate to Advanced Classes

Scott Pettis who has over a decade of improv experience. In Chicago, he trained at IO Chicago and The Annoyance Theatre and was on the IO Harold Team Metropolis. In Portland, he studied at the Brody Theater and performed routinely in Brody shows. He then joined Curious Comedy Theater where he played frequently in their shows, was on the Curious House Team Lovejoy and created his own show. He has regularly coaches several teams and has taught multiple advanced classes.

John Vadas
Instructor, Introductory to Intermediate Classes

John Vadas started his improv journey studying at the Focus Theater in Rochester, NY, circa 2017, where he also performed on the house team and ran a weekly improv jam. He relocated to Pittsburgh in 2021, then started his studies at Steel City Improv Theater in early 2022. He performs with the Harold team Suggestie Bestie, as well as the indie teams Comrade Chad, Sad Boi Smooches, and Improvised Dungeons and Dragons.