About Us

412 Improv’s mission is to provide a dynamic, inclusive environment for training and experimentation with a core improv and comedy curriculum providing an accessible venue for all to learn, play, and perform regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, or ability to pay.

Located in Pittsburgh, PA, 412 Improv offers drop in workshops as well as a variety of classes in long form improvisation from professionals who have been trained and performed with the leading improv groups such as IO, Upright Citizens Brigade, Groundlings, Curious Comedy Theater, and Huge Theater.

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What is improv anyway?

An improv show is a hilarious and unpredictable live performance where everything is made up on the spot! A group of improvisers (performers) take the stage with no script and create scenes, characters, and entire stories based on audience suggestions.

It’s like watching a live comedy sitcom being written and acted out right before your eyes. The performers rely on quick thinking, collaboration, and a dash of daring to keep the laughs flowing. Improv is a fun and engaging way to experience live comedy!