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Focused on Form: The Spokane - 4 week class

Focused on Form: The Spokane - 4 week class

Stephen Foster Community Center 286 Main St. Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Think of a wheel and you will be able to picture the structure of the Spokane. At the center is the ”hub” scene which is a central group scene. The “spokes” are tangential scenes extending out from the hub scene through tag-outs. The Spokane utilizes improv skills such as: character, environment, game, listening, tagging, and group scenework. As the wheel rolls, so goes the Spokane.

This class is intended for experienced performers who have previous familiarity with longform structures, and is taught by Scott Pettis who has over a decade of improv experience. In Chicago, he trained at IO Chicago and The Annoyance Theatre and was on the IO Harold Team Metropolis. In Portland, he studied at the Brody Theater and performed routinely in Brody shows. He then joined Curious Comedy Theater where he played frequently in their shows, was on the Curious House Team Lovejoy and created his own show. He has regularly coaches several teams and has taught multiple advanced classes.

Class Dates: Saturdays August 3, 10, 17, 24
Time: 3 to 6pm
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Age Group
18 - 100